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made from
Lepironia articulata GRASS

Drinking straws created by nature

Straws made from wild grass growing in the Mekong Delta are an ecological and sustainable alternative to paper straws. They do not soften and keep their shape and stiffness in both hot and cold drinks. They decompose on their own in natural conditions. They are ideal for water, carbonated drinks, juices and alcoholic beverages.

What comes after plastic straws?

The disposable straws made of plastic and bioplastic (PLA) will soon no longer be permitted in the EU under an EU directive. Are we, therefore, dependent solely on paper straws that have as many opponents as they have supporters? Straws from the wild grass (Lepironia articulata) growing in Vietnam answer the above question: no. They combine the benefits of plastic straws with a fully sustainable approach to the environment.

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Why grass straws?

Grass straws are particularly suitable for those who experience discomfort drinking through paper straws. They are the only fully functional natural straws that do not dissolve in a liquid and make drinking comfortable and pleasant. Their environmentally friendly origin and natural appearance create a positive image of the product among customers across the food and beverage industry.

Benefits for users
  • same dimensions as plastic straws
  • do not soften, even after a prolonged use
  • retain their shape in both hot and cold liquids
  • do not affect the taste of the drink
  • do not dissolve into the drink
  • suitable for vegans, gluten-free, lactose-free
Benefits for the environment
  • decompose in the natural environment (no need for industrial composting)
  • processed naturally, not treated with any chemicals or preservatives
  • their production takes place in a way that does not affect the ecological balance and does not burden the environment (in contrast to paper straws, which have an environmentally harmful production process and their carbon footprint is even higher than that of plastic ones)

While they are still more expensive than paper ones, grass straws come with significant benefits that can turn into commercial profits. After all, there are plenty customers who would be willing to pay one euro cent more and enjoy their drink in a comfortable way.

  • made from Lepironia articulata grass growing in the Mekong Delta
  • for warm and cold drinks
  • triple washed in salt water and dried in high temperature
  • harvested and processed naturally with no chemicals
  • retain their shape in both hot and cold water
  • decompose naturally, can be put into compost or organic waste bins
  • length 200 +/-5 mm, Ø 4,5÷8,0 mm
  • boxes of 500 pcs, 24 boxes in a carton 60x40x40 cm, 20 cartons on a pallet

We also offer large diameters straws, perfect for
shakes and smoothies:


  • made of rice flour with added tapioca starch and natural dyes if needed (spinach, beetroot or sesame seeds)
  • hard to be broken, stiff enough and evenly made
  • length 210 +/-5 mm, Ø 6,5, Ø 8, Ø 12 mm

  • made of sugarcane fiber after the sugarcane juice has been squeezed out, with the addition of over 50% of PLA
  • can be packed individually in paper sleeves with a printed logo
  • do not absorb water
  • both ends can be cut at an angle
  • length 210 +/-2 mm, Ø 6, Ø 8, Ø 12 mm

We welcome distributors to cooperation, please contact us.

√ 100% NATURAL

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